Four Valuable Titles on Type

December 2005
by Roger C. Parker

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with Type

Ever since I wrote Looking Good in Print: A
Guide to Basic Design many years ago, clients and students have
been asking me for the best book about type. There are many candidates, but
Ellen Lupton’s recent Thinking
with Type from Princeton Architectural Press is a winner for both
quality and value.

It’s a refreshingly simple book in
terms of page layout and presentation of the myriad details involved in setting
type. You don’t have to study it; you can read it for enjoyment, while learning
how to use type effectively in print and online. Best of all, the book costs
only $19.95.

I’ve spent more than $50 on some
type books that haven’t had one-tenth as much to say as Ellen Lupton manages to
communicate in just 176 pages of concise, conversational prose, augmented by
visuals large enough to be studied. Reading Thinking with Type is like sitting in
the audience at one of her presentations, where her passion and enthusiasm for
quality typography come through to everyone.

Points in the Spacing and Arrangement of Type

Although the tools used to set
type change, the rules of typographic excellence have been constant for
centuries. And although each generation tends to want to reinvent the wheel,
typographic classics sometime

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