Four Really Bad Ideas About Electronic Publishing That Are Finally Going Away

May 2010
by Curt Matthews

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Four Really Bad Ideas About Electronic Publishing That Are Finally Going Away

by Curt Matthews

1.  Information Wants to Be Free.

Not being a person, information cannot want anything at all.

Consumers would like valuable things to be free, but they have not been and will never be. The boy geniuses used to say that we “just didn’t get it.” The dot-com bust may have taught them some humility. Now the best sources for businesses information—the Economist, the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times—charge online readers a fee, and the New York Times has announced that it will soon join them.

Will making a book available for nothing somehow sell more copies because more potential customers will find out about it? This is the argument made by people who want your content for nothing so they can make money by surrounding it with advertising.

2.  An E-Book Is a New Thing Under the Sun Because It Is Electronic.

No, an e-book is just another edition of a book like the clothbound version, or the trade paperback, or the mass market edition.

A book is essentially a collection of words, and perhaps images,…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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