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August 1997
by Jan Nathan, Executive Directo

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August is the month that we gear up for the Frankfurt Book Fair. This is the time when we schedule most of our appointments for the October show in Frankfurt, Germany.

If you have only worked in national shows, you are familiar with the strolling of the aisles by attendees and the attempt to capture a moment of their time by the exhibitors. Frankfurt is completely different. It’s a “by appointment only” show. The first year we attended Frankfurt, we had very few appointments since we knew absolutely no one other than the US publishers attending this show. We, like many other first-timers, had to hustle around the floor and try to see if anyone had time left in their schedules to see us. We got a few appointments, and on the last two days of the show, after the foreign publishers were finished seeing everyone else, some of them strolled our way. So we had a chance to capture their attention and discuss our books. This led to a development of a list of contacts which now exceeds 600.

Publishers from all countries with all types of titles are looking to acquire books from US publishers. Why? In many cases, it is less expensive to acquire a title than to develop it with an author. Also, the US is known to be leaders in the field in certain types of books. We’re always asked, “What type of books should be sent to Frankfurt?” Let’s first discuss what type of books should NOT be sent:

1. Books that contain many, many US references. If you are refe…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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