Flash Sales: Exploring Short-Term Big-Discount Options

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July 2012
by Linda Carlson

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The bricks-and-mortar one-day sale with limited inventory and deep discounts now has a popular online version, the flash sale. Although flash sales have much in common with the sample sales, closeouts, and one-day specials that retailers have offered for decades, everything about them takes place online. All the promotion is online, via email, Twitter, Facebook, the seller’s own Web site and blog, and other social media sites. And all sales are made through the seller’s Web site or through a flash-sale site run by a retailer that exists only to offer limited-time sales of everything from baby strollers to Balenciagas.

The goal of flash sales is “to create a crowd-like atmosphere,” said Boyan Josic, the editor and founder of Daily Deal Media, which tracks social commerce, when he was interviewed by the Milwaukee (WI) Journal Sentinel earlier this year. For the same article, Brian Peters, director of marketing strategy and operations for the Seattle consulting firm ARRYVE, described flash sites as “impulse-based” and “competitive.”…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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