Fired Up: How PMA-U Helped Me Build My Business

January 2004
by Swanee Ballman

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This past year I was honored with a scholarship to PMA University. Being there was a tremendous experience that rejuvenated my creative marketing abilities.

As a former English teacher, I had spent hours working with local schools and on educational projects, donating much of my time. However, after attending PMA-U, I determined that I possess knowledge that is worth money to educators and new authors. So I took a new approach to offering my services.

Addressing Educators

October is educator conference month in Florida. Each state conference requires many workshop presenters. And writing/reading is a hot issue in the Sunshine State. Since I feel comfortable addressing groups of educators, I updated my resume to include all my previous speaking engagements (I was amazed once I actually wrote them all down in one place!). Then I surfed the Internet to find conferences that would be interested in what I could share with attendees.

Because all third-graders in Florida are required to take standardized tests, and since many are held back each year because they do poorly on those tests in reading and writing, I started with the Florida Council of Elementary Education. Lo and behold, I was accepted!

That prompted me to apply to more conferences. Soon I had speaking engagements at annual statewide conferences lined up for every week in October. And both the public-  and private-school teachers to whom I spoke were excited by my suggestions…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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