Finding Valuable Info on the Internet

September 2002
by Dianne M. Cutillo

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With billions of pages on the World Wide Web, how do you find needed information without spending too much time?


What works for me is considering this a research challenge rather than an Internet challenge. And the most important first step in a research project is asking the right question or questions. That’s true whether you’re looking for information on the Web to support an editorial presentation, finding sales leads, or doing market research.

So the goal is mastering a three-step process–(1) thinking about what you need, (2) asking the right questions, and (3) using the Web to help you meet your needs.

A lot of information is, of course, available without sleuthing, if you’re willing to pay for it. To find valuable information that’s free, begin by asking yourself two simple questions:

What do I need to know?Where can I find it?


The Market Size Example

The search I probably do most often on the net involves finding the size of a market for a particular title. Preparing a presentation for an acquisition meeting, I might pose the questions as “Is there a market for this book?” and “If so, what does the market want or need in the book?” Preparing presentation points for sales, I might ask, “How big is the market for this book?” and “Where is the market for this book?”

I often start at, with the…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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