Finding the Right Clothes for Your Words

March 2008
by Reid Goldsborough

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Finding the Right Clothes for Your Words

by Reid Goldsborough

If you’re conscientious, you think carefully about the words you choose, whether you’re writing an email message or something more formal. Making yourself clearly understood helps you get your message across and helps your readers benefit from what you’re saying.

Many people, however, don’t think twice about the way their words, and specifically their letters, look on screen or paper. The particular form that letters take involves the font you choose, and typography— the art of choosing the right font—has been around for far longer than personal computers. But PCs have opened up typographic possibilities to far more people.

When desktop publishing was introduced in 1985, the surfeit of font choices led many people to create documents that looked like ransom notes written by a terribly inspired 10-year-old. At the opposite extreme, some people always used the same font, which is a lot like always wearing the same clothes. People make judgments about you and what you’re writing as a result of the font you use, even if those judgments are subconscious.

What Certain Fonts Convey

The meaning of the word font has changed over the years; in the di…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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