Finding and Expanding Your Niche When Traveling

November 1996
by Nancy Field, Dog-Eared Publications

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Reprinted from the Aug. – Sept. 1996 MAPA (Mid-America Publishers Association) newsletter.

Traveling becomes even more interesting and fun when you find business opportunities
along the way. It is possible to create some contacts before leaving on a trip, however unexpected
opportunities make it even more fun. The trick is to never leave home without being prepared.

Here’s what to take along:Business cardsBrochures and/or catalogsSample booksA folder with business stationery and envelopesReviews of your book(s)Optional: A small computer if you have one (and disks)

With these few items and access to a phone, fax machine, and
perhaps e-mail, you can be in business anywhere!

Sometimes it is difficult to know how many brochures and books to pack.
Certainly the size of your luggage will help make that determination. In the case
of my Australian trip, I found that I had not taken enough. I took about 30 brochures
and 20 or so books. I could have used at least double that amount, as I ended up giving an unexpected
seminar with more than 50 in attendance. However, with my computer and backup information
on disk, I was able to at least create flyers while abroad. Plan to set aside one copy of your materials
to just show in case you run out of your supply.

Once at your destination, keep your eyes and ears open and your fingers ready to browse
the Yellow Pages for appropriate locations to explore. Keep business cards, brochures,
or catalogs with you at all t…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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