Find Your Exact Buyers (in Large Numbers) on the Web

November 2006
by Dan Seidman

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Find Your Exact Buyers (in
Large Numbers) on the Web


by Dan Seidman


Marketing experts like Jay
Conrad Levinson, Joe Sugarman, and Jay Abraham agree perfectly on one thing:
The first step to take in promoting a product or service is to identify your
exact potential buyers—the people who should be most willing to pay for
what you provide.


When my Web site of most
embarrassing selling moments,, went live in July of 1999, I
suddenly had a new target market: people and publications online that would
tell the world about the sales horror-stories site.


The strategy I designed to find my
exact buyers on the Web is quite powerful for entrepreneurs, but it can also be
used effectively in corporate sales and marketing circles. It led to more than
200 articles on my work, plus invitations from dozens of radio shows, a quote
from Sales &
Marketing Management magazine that I use as a tagline, Web-site
awards, and more than 1,000 links to my site, including several from major
insurance companies interested in having their sales reps enjoy the fun while
learning lessons from others’ experience.


The impact on my organization from
this exposure has been incalculable. I continue to be shocked every week b…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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