Fighting to Resolve Bread-and-Butter Problems

December 2007
by Rudy Shur

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by Rudy Shur

Board of Directors

Fighting to Resolve Bread-and-Butter Problems

What book publisher wouldn’t stand squarely behind such causes as the promotion of literacy, copyright protection, and First Amendment rights? For decades, these issues have been at the forefront of our industry. And rightly so—as an industry, we should be proud of our involvement with them.

However, many other areas of concern escape public attention, even though they are equally vital to our well-being as independent publishers. These work-related issues revolve around the very core of our daily business lives, yet there are few organizations that recognize the problems, let alone advocate on behalf of small independent publishers.

As publishers, we are all too familiar with problems such as intentionally delayed payments, improperly taken credits, unregulated return policies, and chronically mislaid invoices. As if that wasn’t enough, distributor bankruptcies continually occur, jeopardizing or destroying many well-run publishing houses. These economic roadblocks are the bane of the indies’ existence.

Over the last half-century, many drastic changes have taken place in the book publishin…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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