Fast Forward to 2016

April 2008
by John Patrick Grace

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Fast Forward to 2016

by John Patrick Grace

The last Barnes & Noble closed two years ago, with all Borders and Books-a-Million stores barely a flicker in the public consciousness. What’s left of New York publishing can be located in the bankruptcy courts as protracted litigation continues to trundle along.

University, public, and private libraries are white elephants available at auction for pennies on the dollar.

All new and established works are hawked to consumers by Google, Yahoo, and in the form of e-books, in heady competition with the Library of Congress, which offers practically anything your heart desires for a modest rental fee.

Pirated works abound, with the result that authors and licensed or otherwise legitimate purveyors of e-books are constantly in court, battling to protect their electronic interests.

Independent bookstores are enjoying a resurgence, however, as venues for antiquarians shopping for an oddity known as “books.” Managers from the independents throng to estate sales to fend off the bids by antique shops and gift boutiques.

The audiobook market is booming as well, though wrenched brutally from the hands of publishers by the powerful mafia of the L…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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