Eyes on the End User: JIST

May 2006
by Jenny McCune

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Career and job-search
publisher JIST Publishing Inc. follows the same advice it offers job seekers:
be honest; pay attention to details; listen to your customers, whether they’re
interviewers or book buyers; and use what you learn to deliver what each
customer wants. Do those things and you’ll succeed, whether you’re selling
books or convincing a company to hire you.


This year, as JIST celebrates its
25th anniversary, the Indianapolis-based company has 56 staff members,
including 16 who work in sales and two who work on textbook adoptions. Its
workbooks, assessments titles, reference books, CD-ROMs, DVDs, and videos had
net sales of slightly more than $8 million in 2005, and JIST projects growth of
15 percent for 2006, spurred by the release of newly revised books and by a
foray into textbook publishing.


With 25,000 active customers, the
company has roughly 300 titles in print, and will release about 50 in 2006.
JIST often issues revised editions. “A publisher in a different field might
give something a new title and count it as a new book,” founder Mike Farr says.
“We’d probably have more like 800 titles in print if we were a more traditional
trade publisher.”


Before founding JIST, Farr trained
as an industrial engineer and then managed an adult outpatient psychiatric
clinic in Indianapolis that offered vocational services and help…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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