Expand Your Line (and Your Revenues) With “Back-End” Products

December 2000
by Fred Gleeck

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Few publishers and authors will make any serious money from their book(s) alone! You might, but very few people do. Remember that you are not really an author or a publisher. In the paradigm of our new economy, you are an information marketer. Books are one of the ways that you market your information. But there are many more. The key to making money as an information marketer is to understand the concept of a back-end. Your front end product (usually your book) is what you sell first. Your back-end products are any- and everything that you sell after that. Ideally you don’t want to have your book on the market until you have developed a fairly extensive back-end. If your book is already out there, don’t worry, you can recover. Here’s the basic concept. After people buy your book, you want to get them to contact you. After they contact you, you want to trade them up to the more expensive products that you offer.

Making Contact

As a bookseller, some of your books are sold by you directly. It’s easy to capture the contact information for those who buy from you in that manner. Those who don’t are another story. It’s very difficult to get their details. How do you get the contact information for these other customers? You bribe them! Any book you sell must have a mechanism for “seducing” your buyer to get back in touch with you. You need to make them an “offer they can’t refuse” in a prominent location in your book. Give people something of high perceiv…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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