Establishing a Digital Publishing Enterprise:How Advances in Technology Can Help You Succeed

August 1999
by Weldon Vlasak, D.Sc., Adaptive Enterprises

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The new corporate structure has been termed a Digital Enterprise.1 The digital revolution has invaded most every segment of corporate America. Sales, marketing, accounting, engineering, production, and shipping departments can all be facilitated with software programs. A Digital Enterprise has these functions combined in an integrated system. The publishing industry has made inroads to digital technology, and this trend will continue and probably accelerate. Therefore, it is advantageous to be aware of the trends that are taking place.

As we approach the year 2000, many amazing new developments are appearing. A large segment of the population has home computers, many of which are connected to the Internet. Dick Tracy’s wrist radio has now become a reality with Samsung’s new digital wireless wristwatch/radio. Frigidaire has produced a prototype refrigerator with a computer in the door. The next generation of wristwatches will change displays and will include computing functions.Looking BackWas all of this foreseeable, even in the recent past? Some of it was, because some 50 years ago I read about it in my comic books. Not all of it, however. They left out the personal computer (PC). IBM pioneered the mainframe computer in the ’50s and the personal computer in the late ’70s. The PC might not exist if it were not for the microcomputer, which was developed and marketed by Intel in the early ’70s. Apple computers did not exist until several years after the perso…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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