Effective Author Promotion

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May 2011
by Gordon Burgett

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Effective Author Promotion

by Gordon Burgett

Our authors are our best salesfolk, by far, but that didn’t just happen. It happened for four reasons:

1. The writers have something valuable (and/or compelling) to say.

2. Their books look good and read well.

3. We, as the publisher, provide a solid selling support system.

4. All of us joyously row in the same direction.

And yes, all this is much easier and more profitable if you’re working a niche field, in part because you can test ideas, titles, prices, and authors before you commit to publishing particular books.

We learned the process (and I wrote Niche Publishing about it) when we published standard operating procedures books for dentists. Then I sold that imprint five years ago, and we started again with books for K–12 school administrators, principals, and teachers. Bingo. It’s worked even better.

To get authors with something to say in a specific field, go straight to the leaders in that field. Just ask what book they would immediately buy that doesn’t exist. Write down the problems that book would solve, the processes it could facilitate, and the other benefits it would bring. Then find a title that tells a…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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