E-books—Not So Fast!

February 2009
by Bryan Rosner

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E-books—Not So Fast!

by Bryan Rosner

I’m on record for thinking that e-books may eventually replace printed books (see “We Get Letters,” December 2008), but let me tell you why I plan to cling to printed books as a core business for as long as possible.

First, an important note for any of you who are tempted to shrug me off as a stodgy old publisher who shrinks from changing times and shudders at the thought of new technology:

My publishing company is on the cutting edge with many new technologies. At least 75 percent of its revenue is generated from “techie” activities such as search-engine optimization, blogging, Google AdWords, an online store, an online affiliate program, a YouTube video blog (or “vlog”), and the list goes on. The company began on the Web and thrives on the Web. I obsessively check the PageRank of most Web sites I visit; I am addicted to technology blogs like TechCrunch; and I recommend reading O’Reilly Media’s Tools for Change in Publishing blog for the latest techie news.

It is important for me to brag about my affinity for adopting new technologies to set the stage for what I’m about to say.

The Things We Have to Fear

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