E-book Scenarios That Probably Won’t Happen

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June 2011
by Curt Matthews

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E-book Scenarios That Probably Won’t Happen

by Curt Matthews

Authors will succeed in selling their books directly to readers without any need for publishers, booksellers, wholesalers, or distributors.

Not very often. All the traditional players in the book business will continue to perform essential functions for e-books just as they have for print books. Why? All of them deal primarily with content and try to match it with the right audiences. A good book is hard to write, hard to acquire, hard to design, hard to publicize, hard to market. There is no such thing as a book that sells itself.

If you make it, they will come.

The many digital vanity presses out there intentionally confuse availability with marketing. Sure, many companies can turn a Word file into something that looks like a book and put it up on the Internet so that a reader could download it.

But how meaningful is this availability in a world where there will be a million new titles produced each year? Yes, a title or two will sell a bunch of copies, but the odds of having that sort of success are about the same as the odds of winning the lottery.

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