E-book Delivery Challenges

April 2011
by Linda Nix

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E-book Delivery Challenges

by Linda Nix

Assuming a publisher has a book in the necessary digital formats and possesses all the necessary legal rights to sell the e-book in any territory, the publisher must still confront the challenges of distribution.

This means dealing with:

e-book retailers—perhaps a dozen or more, including both online and physical stores (Barnes & Noble

and Amazon, but also e-book-only players such as Stanza, Kobo, ebooks.com, Apple, and now

Google eBooks)

e-book library suppliers (for example, EBL, MyiLibrary, NetLibrary)

As with print books, publishers need to negotiate terms with each seller. But in the print world, publishers generally draft the terms of supply; in the e-book world, e-book vendors have been setting the terms. I’m not going to cover the pros and cons of various vendor agreements here, though some particular aspects are discussed briefly below. My point is simply that publishers’ cozy little world of dealing with bookshops has been overturned by new entrants who:

• know little about the “standard discount” and probably care less

• hold virtual monopolies in some markets …IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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