Don’t Let Your PC Turn Into a Zombie

July 2007
by Reid Goldsborough

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Don’t Let Your PC Turn Into a


by Reid Goldsborough


Even the name is scary: Zombie.
The most familiar meaning of the word zombie, made popular by Hollywood, is a
corpse that has come back to life. But another dictionary definition is “one
who looks or behaves like an automaton.” That’s the one that applies to


A zombie is a computer that has
been taken over by someone else over the Internet and that works like a robot
on behalf of the person who has taken it over. The phenomenon is as interesting
as it’s frightening.


Then there’s the related
phenomenon—the botnet.
The term refers to a network of zombie computers. The same term can also refer
to a network of computers doing automated tasks for beneficial purposes, such
as providing the support for Internet Relay Chat, which is a protocol for
chatting over the Internet. But the nefarious purposes are more interesting.


The most common nefarious purpose
is to send out spam on behalf of a scammer, who believes that using you and
others to do his dastardly deeds is a way to avoid getting caught.


The spam typically directs
recipients to …IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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