Don’t Invest Until You Test: How to Find Out How Much You’d Make with a Niche Book (Before It Gets Written)

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January 2012
by Gordon Burgett

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One of the huge benefits of niche publishing is that you can pretest to see if a book will sell (and roughly how many copies) before it exists.

I backed into niche publishing about 15 years ago, and now most of my 40 published books are niche based. One field, dentistry, earned us about $2,000,000. We’re hoping for the same in K–12 school administration.

First Steps

Prepare for your pretest by setting some tentative goals, such as:

• Through this book, position myself as an expert about something in a niche field that niche members want to know and will pay to learn.

• Earn $100,000 income from the book, with half that as profit.

• Spend $750 or less to pretest the book.

• Get pretest results within about a month.

• (Optional) Begin to build an information and product empire from the expertise established in the book.

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