Doing Business with Baker & Taylor

May 2005
by PMA Round Table

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PMA members’ reports on dealing with Baker & Taylor can be categorized under three headings that have to do with getting paid:

1. It’s always a hassle, and occasionally (at least so far) impossible.

2. It can be a hassle, but persistence, careful processing, and certain ground rules will work.

3. It isn’t a problem and never has been.

About half the publishers who shared their experiences are in category 1; roughly 40 percent fit into category 2; and some respondents in both these categories reported improvements that they traced to PMA’s efforts. In all three categories, several publishers compared B&T favorably with other wholesalers and with specified distributors and retailers.

An overview of Baker & Taylor collections and communications is found in this issue. Read on for firsthand testimony about problems, satisfactions, and solutions.

–Judith Appelbaum

Prepayment as Problem Solver

We started our publishing business 10 years ago, with no understanding of the book industry. I depended on some of the wonderful books that self-publishers have written to learn the protocol of dealing with wholesalers and distributors, and I found that most wholesalers and distributors were fine to work with over the years.

However, Baker & Taylor was nothing but a problem the first four years we were in business. It was always returning books and sending us notices…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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