Does a Modern Publishing Business Really Need ERP or SAP?

May 1999
by O'Reilly & Associates

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Editor’s Note: In an effort to discuss various software programs in use by publisher members, PMA is beginning a series of articles from publisher members on systems currently in use by them. If you would like to submit an article for this series, send it to with the subject line: PUBLISHER SYSTEMS.

Like every business, publishers must respond to a complex market, or perish. Creative approaches have been necessary over the last decade to survive and compete in a rapidly changing industry steeped in centuries of conservative tradition. As a result, publishers have diversified beyond books and other traditional print media into software, multimedia, and Web- and Net-based resources. Publishing isn’t just about books anymore.While this changing course has helped publishers expand old markets and open new ones, it’s also created a barrage of new products and services that don’t fit the old business model. Since a publishing business is no longer focused solely on books and pages, managing it has become a complicated and difficult juggling act.When you consider all of the business operations endemic to profitability in publishing-from industry-specific tasks like royalty accounting to common necessities like inventory control, general ledger, order fulfillment, EDI, and customer service-the need for integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions (mentioned in such places as Publishers Weekly) becomes quite clear.Often faced with the headache and…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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