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July 2006
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What I Learned at PMA-U


by Douglas Johnson


Our fledgling publishing
company needs to reach out to our audience (figurative artists) and generate
awareness of our first book, Art Models. As a result, I took many of the PMA-U
Marketing Track courses, while my wife and business partner, Maureen, soaked up
advice on business theory, planning, and budgeting at courses presented by,
among others, Marion Gropen of Gropen Associates and Tom Woll of Cross River
Publishing Consultants, whose book Publishing for Profit recently appeared
in a new edition.


Here are some conclusions about
what I saw as central lessons.


Trust Is Key


Relationships and relationship
building were recurring themes at PMA-U this year. For example, when
approaching the media, you are much more likely to get coverage if you already
have a relationship with the producer. When approaching a vendor such as Barnes& Noble about carrying your book, you are much more likely to be heard if
you already have a relationship and understand the chain’s tastes. When readers
feel they have a relationship with an author, they will seek out more of that
author’s books.


Brook Noel of Champion Press
shared a clever approach to developing reader relationships. She sent a…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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