Directors Desk:
What Can I Expect

May 2002
by Jan Nathan

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Each time we get ready to start another marketing program, members call and ask, “What can I expect?” I wish there was a standard answer for one and all. But, there isn’t.

In March, PMA always purchases the front cover package of Publishers Weekly to help launch Small Press Month. This year, 98 titles participated in this program. My prediction will be that 33 of the books will get incredible response. As of this column writing in late March, I know that several of the books have received queries for international rights. We know this since many times the international publisher will fax our office and ask if the rights are available on several books. We distribute these requests to the specific publishers and will help them in their follow-up. We also received information from Sharon Hendry, who is the pubisher of Soliah, The Sara Jane Olson Story, that she has received 150 orders from Ingram since the ad appeared (2-1/2 weeks). So that’s the good news with more to follow, we hope. Then there is the remaining 65 titles. Of these, probably 33 will receive modest orders and/or nibbles. The remaining 32 will just have exposure to the market with minimum results.

The one-third factor noted above seems to be the case with each and every PMA marketing program. It would be wonderful if we could predict which titles will fall in the lower 1/3 so that we can help them save their dollars. But, we can’t. The one thing we all recognize about this…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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