Tips from Three Successful Publishers

May 2006
by Jan Nathan, Executive Director, PMA

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I recently had the opportunity to
moderate a panel at Book Tech that featured three PMA members who created
recognized midsized publishing companies fairly quickly.


Rudy Shur started Avery Publishing
from his garage with a book called Bridge to the Stars. Along with some
partners, he made Avery a recognizable force in the alternative health
community and sold it as a multimillion-dollar company to Putnam. After that—in
his words—“being a fool and totally addicted to publishing,” he started
another company and called this one Square One to reflect “what I felt I was
doing, starting from Square One again,” since he’s a publishing addict.


Tad Crawford started Allworth
Press in 1989 and currently lists 230 titles in print. He grows his company
slowly but steadily. Before starting Allworth—which does business and
self-help books for publishers, artists, designers, photographers, writers, and
film and performing artists—Tad was an author, an attorney, an artists’
rights advocate, and the author of Legal Guide for Visual Artists, which
was the first book Allworth published, as a revised edition. Like Rudy, he
began as a one-man band.


David Borgenicht’s Quirk Books is
the youngest of the three publishing houses represented on the panel, and David
has an aggressive goal: “Our mission is to amuse, to bemuse, to …IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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