Listening to Members’ Many Voices

May 2004
by Jan Nathan, Executive Director, PMA

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When PMA began in 1983, we knew that we would need to hear many different opinions and voices about the direction PMA should take in order to keep moving forward. One of our more difficult tasks was getting people to volunteer to serve on the association’s board, and one of our first achievements was finally having enough dollars in our coffers to be able to pay for board members’ travel expenses to and from the board meetings.

Originally, PMA was a California-only group, and board members met before regular meetings held in the L.A. area. Then the group grew beyond California, and because we wanted to be able to hear the voices from a wider area, the board meetings changed as well. Instead of just meeting prior to regular monthly meetings, the board had half-day meetings on its own. By this time, we had amassed a reserve large enough to allow us to invite people from throughout the PMA membership to join the board. Still, not many people volunteered to serve. But we always managed to have a very hard-working board of directors.

This year, when our nominating committee meets, we will have 40 or more names to consider for six or seven vacancies. And these candidates have such a variety of experience that it will be difficult to choose just the right people for the 2004/06 board. The nominating committee members look at the type of people continuing on the board (PMA replaces half the board members each year, so that there are always people on the board…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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