Director’s Desk:
Daring Dreams

January 2002
by Jan Nathan

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At the November board meeting of PMA, we decided to develop a theme for the year that exemplifies the PMA member spirit and profile–Dare to Dream. So, in this and all future issues of 2002, you’ll see stories of members who have dared to think outside the box and have achieved.

In our industry, achievement is measured too often in terms of number of units sold. While those numbers mean profits for many, for others achievement comes in sending a specific message to a specific group of people–no matter what the number is.

We encourage you all to join us in our Dare to Dream drive. Send us your stories of success and how you went about achieving your goals. Who knows, maybe sometime over the next 12 months, you’ll see your story and your title featured in the pages of this newsletter!

Send your stories or ideas to me at and I’ll send them along to our Editor-at-Large, Judith Appelbaum.


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