When Sales Spike

March 2006
by Jan Nathan, Executive Director, PMA

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One of my friends asked me
recently if I ever read for fun. What a strange question that was! Why would I
be in this business if I didn’t find reading fun and I didn’t read for fun?
Some things are more pleasurable to read than others, but whether I’m reading
for fun or information, I always end up wanting to go deeper into a subject.

Such was the case this past
January with articles in the various trade magazines about the importance of holiday
book sales for most retail outlets. Interestingly, the dollar volume reported
by the larger chains covered only titles sold and not gift cards, which
definitely are part of holiday sales but will be counted later when the cards
are exchanged for books.

Sales were good for most retail
book outlets this year, it seemed, but I began to wonder whether the holiday
season—or any other type of season—affects the typical PMA
publisher member. So I posed some questions in PMA’s new e-letter, Hotline:

·      Does the holiday season affect
your sales curve?

·      Do your titles seem to have a
sales season of their own, not related to the holiday season? If so, when is
that seasonality for your book and why?

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