Director’s Desk – The Great Do-Over

June 2005
by Jan Nathan, Executive Director PMA

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A month ago, I sent an email request to PMA members. In it I related a story about how, when I was growing up, we could always ask for a do-over when we made a mistake, and our family and friends usually let us have it. What a joy it would be to have that same do-over opportunity in our business life.

So I asked members what they’d like to be able to do over if they had the chance. What follows may be the best education anyone will ever get about independent book publishing. In fact, so many of you had wonderful stories to share that this will be a two-part column, to be continued next month.

I thank you all for sharing and grant you an instantaneous do-over when and if another problem occurs!

Get the Facts Right

Probably #1, I wish I had another chance to realize how important it is to put the correct publishing date on the book; and #2, I’d like an editing do-over. Don’t underestimate the importance.

Andre Souang

Bella Int., Ltd.

Deal Better with Vendors

I was approached by a company that offered to pitch my book to “big box” retailers in the golf and general retail industries. There were a few options on how to pay for this service. One was to pay a modest fee and owe them a fairly hefty commission on sales that they helped arrange. The second option (the one that dummy Dr. Divot chose) was to pay them up front and not owe them any commission on sales.

I chose this optio…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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