DIRECTOR’S DESK: The Great Do-Over, Part 2

July 2005
by Jan Nathan, Executive Director, PMA

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As I confessed last month, I was usually afforded one “do-over” by my understanding family when I goofed as a child. Keeping that thought in mind, I asked our members what they would do over in their publishing lives if they had the chance. Emails poured in.

Last month I presented some, and there were so many good ones that I decided to share more in this month’s column. I’m still left with many, many great contributions that will go unprinted, but I want to thank everyone who responded and to make sure you all know that, if I had the power, you would be granted your requested “do-over.”

A Lesson Learned but Not Regretted

I gifted 1,600 14″ _ 20″ acrylic poster display stands (with a small foot that takes up very little space) to independent bookstores all over the world. Not only did I gift that, I also took an extra step by gifting 6,500 press kits to universities, libraries, and bookstores worldwide. I spent over $100,000 on gifting, and for what? I can never recoup my costs unless the buyers buy. In hindsight, I should have romanced the distributors and large chains instead, because they know that kind of marketing works–big, beautiful stands to announce that something important, something new and different is about to be offered. (That’s another story–seven to be exact–visit and for details.)

Looking back, it was inner guidance…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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