Director’s Desk: A Code for Our Community

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December 2013
by Angela Bole

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Think about how a trade group like IBPA forms. Members of a community realize they face common problems, and they come together to solve those problems.

I’ve heard this idea expressed in a beautiful way by Ken Michaels, chair of the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) and global chief operating officer of Macmillan. Rounding out his third year of volunteering with BISG, a sister trade association to IBPA, Ken said, “Remember, and this is important, associations do not exist in the abstract. They don’t exist for and of themselves. They exist because a community of members wants and needs them to exist.”

So, why does the IBPA community want and need IBPA to exist?

I’m sure each IBPA member would bring their own answers to this question. Depending on when you ask me, I might bring five or six different answers myself! In mid-October, however, two situations converged on my professional life that pushed a single theme forward.
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