Director’s DeskMy Take on E-Books

August 2003
by Jan Nathan, Executive Director

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I was sitting with a group of friends shortly after BEA, so naturally the talk turned to the topic of books.

This group consisted of various types of reading personalities. Some, like myself, read anything and everything; our most precious moments come when we can grab a book, stroll down to the beach (without our cell phones), and get lost in a book for hours. Others like to read the “latest and greatest” so that they’ll have something to talk about during work or social occasions. Still others spend so much time reading for work or school that they find that their recreational reading has almost diminished. And those in a fourth group immerse themselves in a topic and read everything they can on sharks, running, health, etc.

We began to talk about e-books and their applications. Since I was the only one in the business of book publishing, my friends asked for my opinion of the e-book. They seemed surprised when I said I think that, in many instances, the e-title or online book is far superior to its printed kin. Immediately they jumped to the conclusion that my comment meant that traditional books would disappear, which is not what I meant.

They began to tell me why they like printed books and I found their comments so eye-opening that I decided to share them.


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“There’s nothing like cracking open a brand new book and inhaling the scent of the paper and print,” said one of the…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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