Digitization: The Rock-bottom Basics

July 2007
by Genene Coté

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Digitization: The Rock-bottom


by Genene Coté


“I want a quick and dirty
explanation of what’s involved in making a book available digitally online,” a
PMA member said recently. “Is this easy for a publisher? Is it better to have a
service do it? And will doing it pay off?”


As a digital publisher and e-book
distributor, I believe it is certainly worth having a digital version of a
book. Generally speaking, the people who buy and use digital copies of a book
constitute a different market segment than the print-book consumers. Accessing
another market segment means more opportunities to gain exposure and sell your


A digital copy of your book can be
used in many ways. You can put an excerpt on your Web site, quickly submit your
book to services like Google or Microsoft, and create an e-book for
distribution. Each of these avenues of promotion represents a chance for more
people to see or hear about the book. Of course, you want to make sure that in
each of these cases they have a simple and obvious way to buy it.


First, the File


The starting point is a simple
digital file. In all probability, your book was written with a word-processing
program; if it has lots o…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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