Digital Short Runs: What’s Great; What Can Be Trouble

July 2008
by Linda Carlson

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Digital Short Runs: What’s Great; What Can Be Trouble

by Linda Carlson

What is digital printing? Does your business need it? And if it does, what advantages and disadvantages do you need to consider?

“Really and Truly Print on Demand: The Pros and the Cons” (June) focused on the POD technology developed for manufacturing books only to fulfill orders (demand) from individual customers. Some publishers are using this technology (often via vendors such as Lightning Source and BookSurge) to get very short runs of digitally printed books for sale direct or through booksellers or for use as samples or advance reading copies.

This article examines using digital printers to get short runs for your inventory. Coming soon: an article on a third new “printing” option: downloadables.

Comes the Revolution

Most of us know that digital printing is less expensive in total cost than traditional offset, and that it’s the printing method of choice for many short-run jobs. Wondering why? Offset lithography requires several prepress steps, such as making a plate and mixing inks. Once a job is on the press, the inks have to be checked for accurate color and consistent coverage, and registration of inks has to be verified. The press…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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