Digital Printing: What It Is, What It’s For, and Why It Isn’t Just “POD’”

November 2006
by Robert Goodman

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A Glance at Digital Printing

Digital Printing: What It Is,
What It’s For, and Why It Isn’t Just “POD’”


by Robert Goodman


A few people still remember
when offset printing revolutionized book production. Offset was easy and fast;
it produced high-quality printing; it could be interlaced with new prepress
technologies; and it was considerably less expensive than letterpress printing.
From the middle of the twentieth century until today, most books have been
printed using offset technology.


Over the last decade or two,
digital printing technology has emerged as an alternative to offset. It
promises to replace offset printing for many of the books that PMA members
produce. It extends many of the advantages that offset offered. It is easier
and faster; it produces pages of very acceptable quality; it is inseparably
linked to computers and all the digital equipment that publishers take for
granted; and, under the right conditions, it is more cost effective than offset
printing. Over time, digital printing will almost certainly accelerate the
evolution of book production.


Small publishers, authors, and
services that support them have eagerly embraced digital printing—so
eagerly, in fact, that the distinction between the technology and the way it is
used has beco…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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