Diagnosis—Big Trouble: The Case for a Reader Creation and Development Board

May 2009
by David P. Leach

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Diagnosis—Big Trouble: The Case for a Reader Creation and Development Board

by David P. Leach

Imagine that the world’s auto manufacturers learned that significantly fewer American teenagers were taking driver’s exams, putting the number of drivers on the road in rapid decline and jeopardizing the future of car sales.

How would the industry react? Pretend it’s not happening? Make more cars? Hope the government and schools would promote drivership?

I may be giving the industry way too much credit, but we know the car companies can get together to ask for a bailout, and I’d bet on their getting together to create a task force that would determine ways to create and develop more drivers.

More specifically, I’d bet on them taking three steps toward this goal:

1. The manufacturers would set aside their competitiveness and declare a crisis. Why? Because a drop in people applying for driving licenses suggests a far larger problem than any one manufacturer can address alone. If the next generation will have fewer drivers, that will hit all manufacturers.

2. As a group, the manufacturers would do whatever was necessary to research and identify both the presenting issues and the underlying soc…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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