Developing Smart Strategic Alliances

April 2006
by Kathleen A. Welton

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According to the
Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, an alliance is “an association to
further the common interests of its members.” Like prospecting for authors and
generating sales, developing alliances is all about furthering the interests of
your business by networking and building relationships—with authors,
other publishers, associations, distributors, affinity groups, and other
business entities.

Examples of alliances include:

·      selling complementary products
produced by other business entities or associations to your audience via direct
mail and through e-commerce

·      partnering with other
organizations to co-publish a book or series of books

·      working with a business entity to
offer a value-added product or service to your audience

In their various forms, alliances
can generate additional revenues as well as prestige for your products. For
example, when I worked with banking books in one of my first editorial jobs,
our goals included expanding our market. Since our existing market was limited,
we looked for organizations that could help us expand. A local bank

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