Designing Deals: How to Negotiate a Large Book Sale

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April 2011
by Brian Jud

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Negotiating a large-quantity sale requires a little give and take from each party. The process in which both sides seek to fairly distribute the risk and reward begins at the conclusion of your presentation, when you ask for the order. It’s the next-to-last step in the special-sales campaign described in this series (for Steps 1 through 8, go to Independent Articles on the home page at and use the search function).

In today’s corporate world, executives seek a win-win result that will set the stage for mutual profitability and long-term relationships. This means each party should negotiate in good faith to get the best deal for its side, but not at the expense of the other. In other words, your job is to find the package of product, terms, and service that does the most to increase value for your prospect without sacrificing your needs.

Know Your BNO

Good negotiating begins with preparation. Even though you cannot predict every verbal exchange, you can set parameters in advance. Before you enter into any negotiation, write down what you will give and take—and what you will not.

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