Director’s Desk: Defending Your Rights

March 2009
by Terry Nathan

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Terry-Nathan2One of the integral missions of our association is to advocate for the rights of independent publishers. Whether the issue is industry-wide or member-specific, we work very hard to make a difference for everyone involved. This challenging, frustrating, and critical part of the executive director’s job can also be one of the most rewarding parts. I take this responsibility very, very seriously. And, thank goodness, our board of directors is here to help decide which issues we are able to work on, given our limited resources.

As you might imagine, advocacy issues stir up controversy. Many members press for us to do more, and many times I wish we could be doing more. The issues that arise are difficult ones, and in almost every case there are valid arguments on both sides. I am a peaceful person for the most part, and although advocacy controversies always take me outside my comfort zone, I like to think my peaceful nature is an asset in resolving some seemingly intractable disputes.

Let’s look at both industry-wide and member-specific issues.

Industry Issues

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