Cyber-Publishing:The Future Is Now

June 2000
by Patricia J. Bell

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One of the past decade’s most exciting developments for writers
(and independent publishers) is the emergence of cyber-publishing: the
electronic or e-book. New material is leaping from the computer into
cyberspace, making it possible for a writer or publisher to find a larger
audience than was ever dreamed of. E-publishing has become a tantalizing
possibility for independent and neophyte publishers.

  Cyber-publishing has been around since 1971 when Michael Hart at
the University of Illinois instituted Project Gutenberg, some 30 years
after the idea of electronic publishing appeared in science fiction
stories. In the years since, Project Gutenberg has listed over 10,000
books in digital format, free for downloading.

  In its truest form, cyber-publication, or electronic publication, is
meant for reading on a screen. It takes a variety of forms. short forms
like online articles found on Web sites or in electronic newsletters; and
longer or book-length forms, published on diskette or CD-ROM, published in
Portable Document Format (PDF), HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), or a
proprietary variant for hand-held devices, or published on the World Wide
Web for downloading onto your desktop or your handheld device.

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