Credit and Debit Cards: The Smartphone Easy-Payment Process

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March 2011
by Stephen Blake Mettee

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Square gets its name from both the shape of the card-reader device and from the common question, “Are we square?” used when money changes hands.

Credit and Debit Cards: The Smartphone Easy-Payment Process

by Stephen Blake Mettee

Early on at Quill Driver Books, we discovered that an author who could take credit cards would sell three times as many books as one who was stuck accepting only checks and cash. Today, with seemingly everyone using debit cards, the advantage applies to an even greater degree.

What we used to do when one of our authors was speaking to a large group or putting up a table at a book fair or similar event was pack up one of those machines that takes a credit card imprint and the multipart forms the machine used and send all that off to the author. We also sent instructions on how to use the machine and a request to please have the buyers write their phone numbers on the form.

After the event, the author would return everything to us, including the completed forms. We would run the charges, credit the author’s account with the revenue, and write the author a check.

Often things went wrong. The card either didn’t impr…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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