Creating Series & Brands That Keep Selling

July 2001
by Kathleen A. Welton

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Creating successful series and brands is an important endeavor and a big responsibility for authors and publishers. Once a series catches on, you have the opportunity to influence a wide audience as well as sell hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of books that will stay in print and be cherished for many years to come.
In addition, if you do it right, you’re making a significant contribution to the publishing industry. Authors can spread their words to a wider audience. Booksellers sell more books. Consumers benefit from an experience they can trust, repeat, and enjoy every time.

It all starts with ONE book

It’s important to note that not every series and brand in publishing stems from a comprehensive plan. In fact, many publishers and booksellers can tell you of a series that worked which started by accident with the publication of just one title. The plans came later, after that title became a success.

Leonardo da Vinci for Kids, the book that started a
successful series from Chicago Review Press, has a unique cover design. The
publisher has utilized this striking cover concept in the other books in the

As an example, Curt Matthews of Chicago Review Press published Leonardo da Vinci for Kids and built on the success of that book by launching his very successful …for Kids series, which now includes The Civil War for Kids and Frank Lloyd Wright for Kids, with more to come.

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