Creating a Statewide Community in the Publishing Arts

August 2002
by Amanda Ballard

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It started in a sandwich shop, Schlotszky’s on 4th Avenue in downtown Huntington, West Virginia. Gathered there were a handful of “creative types” talking about renting office space together and splitting the cost of utilities, copier, Internet access, and telephone service. How could they get help paying for an office while they worked on their separate publishing projects–a consultancy in book development, a small publishing enterprise, a budding magazine, and the archives of West Virginia Writers, Inc.? These meetings continued for several months in various restaurants, cafes, and one another’s homes as the musings turned to solid ideas.

Why not, someone said, put out an annual calendar? Why not gather up some of the best examples of West Virginia photographers’ work as the headshots and cameo shots? What about text? Why not try excerpts of poetry? After all, unknown to most of the nation, West Virginia had some of the best poets and writers in America.

And so the adventure was launched–Publishers Place. Within 18 months, the organization had won its 501-c-3 nonprofit status from Internal Revenue Service reviewers, had published its first Pride in West Virginia calendar (1998), and had offices down the street from Schlotszky’s.

We think we have a model that people in other states will find useful. In fact, our broad, long-term goal is a nationwide organization of autonomous state chapters united under th…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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