Cover Designs That Sell Series

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April 2014
by Peri Poloni-Gabriel

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Is this book part of a series or might it start a series? That’s one of the first questions I ask new clients, because the approach to cover design for a series is a bit different than the approach for a single title. Concept is always important, of course, but the design concept for a series needs to work with a design structure that will be applied to book after book.

Design consistency is essential for maintaining and profiting from the series brand. Whether the series consists of printed books or e-books or both, and whether the books in the series continue a single story or consist of several works by the same author, you need covers with a series look to make each title easily identifiable, thus increasing sales.

How is a series look achieved? By designing for the target audience with attention to the series genre, and by considering questions such as: Should these covers have a fluid feel, or should they be relatively compartmentalized?

The nonfiction For Dummies series uses an obvious structure, contrasting colors in a bright color scheme, a consistent font, consistent logo placement, and a visual in the bottom right corner. You cannot miss the branding….IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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