Cover Design Don’ts

January 2007
by Cathi Stevenson

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One thing all publishers have in common, whether they’re the publishing
giants seen weekly on the best sellers’ lists, smaller independent presses or
self-publishing authors is the necessity of good design

Cover Design Don’ts


by Cathi Stevenson


Did you know it costs just as
much money to create a bad cover as a good one? Or that you can make a great
cover mediocre with a few small changes? Even an award-winning image can fall
flat if it’s paired with a poor font choice, or manipulated in a way that
distracts from the overall impression the cover was intended to convey.


Many things can contribute to a
poor cover design, but most of them stem from simple lack of knowledge. The
most common mistake may be using an image that doesn’t properly demonstrate
what the book is about. Remember, your book is selling the solution, not the
problem. If you’re publishing a diet book, you’re selling fitness and slimness,
so do not put an obese person on the cover. If your book is about raising a
happy baby, do not display a picture of a crying toddler.


If there’s no way to illustrate
your solution, then use a text-only cover or one with an abstract background
that provides graphic detail but without any feature photo or illustration.
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