Copywriting Fitness: Testimonials

March 2009
by Susan Kendrick

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Copywriting Fitness: Testimonials

by Susan Kendrick

Welcome to the copywriting gym. This article and others to come in the Copywriting Fitness series are designed to help you train to win positive responses from potential book buyers.

Most publishers are good at educating themselves about the various marketing materials they will need. Sell sheets, book-cover copy, catalog copy, press releases, pitches to distributors and to TV and radio talk shows, and the like are on the standard To Do lists. But the way publishers carry out these tasks can do more to damage their marketing efforts than to help them.

All marketing materials require copywriting, which means that you can’t rely on your general writing skills, the ones you use to create, critique, or edit book manuscripts and other kinds of content. Flexing your promotional muscles demands a special skill set.

The basic copywriting rules include:

Stress the benefits to the reader.

Use “you” language.

Show what makes your book different from others in your market.

Break down your sales copy into bite-sized chunks for better readability.

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