Conversations with Colleagues: A Guide to Online Publishing Lists

February 2004
by Pat Bell

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Recently, some local colleagues asked me about the various online e-mail discussion groups–a.k.a. mailing lists–that are of benefit to publishers. I’m a staunch proponent of such lists. Because I think they are incredibly valuable tools, I subscribe to a bunch of them, including specialized discussions on design and on using a couple of major applications.

Here’s a quick introduction to the lists that are most helpful to startup and not-so-terribly-experienced publishers.

Pub-Forum. To date, Pub-Forum is what I consider the most advanced and most active of the lot. Subscribers get into some philosophical questions, as well as some marketing practices, and other topics too. It has a fairly large membership, somewhere around 700, and its reach is international–two of my favorite participants on there are guys from Australia, both very knowledgeable. Their presence, along with that of people from several other countries, underscores the fact that we are in a global economy. This list also attracts a lot of very knowledgeable vendors who participate.

Smallpub-civil. Not long ago, several subscribers to the Pub-Forum list got tired of the inappropriate behavior characteristic of some members and formed a new list.Active since September, it has a growing membership. Many subscribers are or were members of the Pub-Forum. Although both groups have “list-moms” who do the administration chores, neither…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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