Controlling the Costs of Self-Publishing

March 1999
by Weldon Vlasak, D.Sc., Adaptive Enterprises

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My adventure into the field of literature (and it truly has been an adventure) began a little more than 10 years ago. I did not start out to write a book. This tale begins when I went to a flea market in Southern California and found some excellent books for only 10-25 cents apiece. Being a scientist of sorts, the texts on physics and chemistry were highly prized, since I have never ceased trying to learn more about our universe. What I found amazed me. The current body of physics is laced with inconsistencies and totally unrealistic theories. Most intriguing to me was the fact that no one had yet been able to determine the exact mechanism that produces gravity. Employing my engineering experience and looking for something that everyone else had overlooked, I eventually discovered how the tiny force of gravity could be produced by the stronger forces of matter. This result impelled me into the whirlwind of literary endeavor. But I had much to learn about writing. Although I had written numerous technical articles, writing a book is a much more difficult undertaking. First there was writer’s block (it took over a month just to write the Introduction), and then there was the editing thing (not good for one’s ego). At times, the stress was intense and it affected my family life to some extent. After subscribing to Writer’s Digest, I learned that these experiences are all fairly common to writers. While writing a book is difficult (but rewarding), getting it published…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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