Controlling Returns, Part 3

July 2010

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Controlling Returns, Part 3

Although this is the last installment of our current series about returns, it surely won’t be the last word on the subject as long as returns continue to undermine profits.

Probably, publishers won’t find a way to abolish returns across the board soon (or maybe ever) but, then again, stranger things have happened. And in any event, it’s clear from the reports in all three parts of this series that independent publishers don’t have to knuckle under to the current system. Instead, you can take a variety of steps to keep returns down or even eliminate them entirely for your own business.

Many thanks to all of you who shared the wealth of your experience in this aggravating arena.—Judith Appelbaum

Until the Big Change Comes

I have yet to convince my book distributor to rebel in the book world and say “No Returns!” It simply won’t happen until everyone agrees to this new policy. We can only dream.

I still have bookstores ordering ten in one month, and returning six the next, only to order ten more. This keeps them from having to pay me in a reasonable and timely manner, and I think it is a decept…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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