Control Printing Costs

December 2008
by Margie Dana

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Control Printing Costs

by Margie Dana

When you get something printed commercially, you can keep costs under control by paying attention to seven key things:

1. Work with the right print provider. Printers are not created equal. Their capabilities are generally determined by what equipment they have (or have access to). Certain presses run certain types of products more efficiently, so choose your print provider carefully.

2. Communicate well. You need to discuss a lot of things with your printer, including budgets, deadlines, specs, ancillary corporate materials, and your expectations for what constitutes a successful print job. The printer can’t read your mind. Tell your printer everything you can about each job, and ask for advice.

3. Plan early. Work backward from the desired delivery date when creating your job schedule. This will give you the time needed not only for printing, but also for postpress (finishing), delivery, and mailing/fulfillment. If you require special effects like laminating or embossing or engraving, your printer needs to know so that they’re included in the production schedule.

4. Prepare complete job specs. Printing is detail-driven manufacturi…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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